Online Marketing

What does Hotel Online Marketing Involve?

Online Marketing is the most difficult element of online room sales for hotels as it is the most subjective. However with our hotel customers we engage in the process of defining targets and then together with a hotel contact partner (normally Revenue Manager) working towards these goals reporting progress to the Hotel Management on a monthly basis.

Below is a sample of a typical Online Marketing Plan that we establish together with our hotels.

Overall Targets

A. Improve 3rd party Booking Engines sales by 12 %
B. Increase website traffic by 8 %

Booking Engine Objectives

  • Increase the amount of Booking Engines used to 10.
  • Manage and update room prices and availability all Booking Engines
  • Oversee the integration of a Inventory Distribution Tool to update room prices on all the Booking Engines Automatically.
  • Oversee the introduction of a Demand Management Strategy whereby prices are varied to meet the demand.

Online Marketing Objectives

  • Distribute 12 E Zines Per Annum
  • Distribute 12 SMS Messages Per Annum
  • Add at least 4 Press Releases/Latest News on the website Per Month
  • Put in place a system to gather customer details and increase Customer Database by 150 Per Month.
  • Obtain 950 Clickthroughs per month with a Google Adwords budget of 150€ Per Month.
  • Enter at least 4 Twitter posts per month.
  • Enter at least  4 FaceBook Posts per month.
  • Utilise .25 % of distressed inventory for promotions.

Monthly Reporting

Provide Management with a monthly report showing:
  • How much revenue has been earned through each Booking Engine.
  • Website traffic
  • Quantity of Customers in the Database.
  • Quantity of Articles on the Website.
  • Quantity of E Zines Distributed.
  • Quantity of SMS Messages Distributed.
  • Quantity of Google ‘Click-throughs’.
  • Quantity of Posts on Twitter
  • Quantity of Posts on Facebook