Booking Engine

The AccuBook Booking Engine has the following essential features

Promotion Code Offers

Provide discounted rates for those who have received a promotion code. You can also hide products so they can only be sold to those with the promotion code.

Long Stay Discounts

Rates are automatically discounted when a guest searches for dates offering a discount. The saving is highlighted to increase conversion. E.g. 10% off when staying 3 nights

Minimum Stays

Restrict the length of stay on busy periods. During a search the visitor is informed if there is availability but that a minimum stay restriction applies.

Yield Management

Enter your occupancy into the extranet and the rates automatically adjust based on pre-defined rules. Increase rates when you are full and reduce rates when empty.

Sold Out Email Alerts

Revenue managers receive an alert when a room has sold out on particular dates. Ensuring they can add additional availability to avoid any lost revenue.

Booking Alerts

Bookings are delivered by email. The system will automatically notify the property every day if the booking has not been acknowledged, avoiding any missed bookings due to email problems.

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Simple 1 Page Admin...... 95% of our customers do not go past this screen.

The AccuBook Booking Engine offers a two-step checkout to sell your rooms, packaged offers, vouchers and any other items you wish to upsell.

Avoid possible lost conversions with an over complicated checkout process. AccuBook has managed to maintain a simple 2 step checkout process while maintaining important features as highlighting discounts, product photos and detailed descriptions.

The AccuBook Booking Engine has the following features:

Simple Tick 30 Minute Integration Simple Tick Customer Reviews
Simple Tick Simple One Page Admin Simple Tick Minimum Stays
Simple Tick Multi Currency Simple Tick Demand Management Module
Simple Tick Mobile Phone Accessable Extranet Simple Tick SMS Booking Alerts
Simple Tick Promotion Codes Simple Tick Ideal for Self Catering Properties/Apartments
Simple Tick Optional Extras Simple Tick Available as Commission Only or Fixed Fee
Simple Tick Rooms and Packages Simple Tick Free Set-up and Training.
Simple Tick Free Gift Vouchers Simple Tick No 'Fixed Length' contracts.

5 Minute Video Overview of the AccuBook Booking Engine